The Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corporation (SRFNEDC) is an entity owned by the Community of Serpent River First Nation.  The economic development team continues to work on various economic development initiatives to promote and enhance financial and economic self-sufficiency for the community and the band membership. The SRFNEDC assists in cultivating viable business opportunities and uses the mindful triple bottom line accounting approach to do business.  This triple bottom line is exclusive of the environment, the people and the economy. The SRFNEDC Board of Directors along with the staff strive to advance sustainable revenue streams for the Serpent River First Nation.


Our Mission

To build on the previous reports and community development decisions by cultivating viable business opportunities on treaty lands, traditional territories, and wherever they may be found to ensure the growth of sustainable revenue streams that improve the quality of life for community members while being respectful of the traditions

our vision

To judiciously and thoughtfully serve the vision and mission of the Serpent River First Nation by constantly striving to promote and enhance financial and economic self-sufficiency for the community and all its members



Since March 23, 2012, the SRFN Economic Development Corporation has been a, legally, incorporated non-profit. It was the will of the SRFN Community and Council to have a separate Corporation established to further its economic and weather creation aspirations striving for economic self-sufficiency.

The SRFNEDC Board of Directors is comprised of Band Members who represent by design, a cross section of the Community as follows: an Elder, Youth, Female and Male representative as well as one Non-Band Member representative. Also included in the SRFNEDC Board roster is a duly elected SRFN Councillor appointed by SRFN Chief and Council and the Chief who sits as an Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Board Member. There last two positions provide the critical guarantee the SRFNEDC Board of Directors is provided with the oversight by the Community representatives who will ensure the Board decision making truly represents the will of Council and that it acts in the collective best interests of all Serpent River First Nation Community members.


SRFNEDC Timeline

An SRFN Community Strategic Planning Process began October 16th, 2004 in the SRFN Council Chambers with a meeting of twelve SRFN Community members & two facilitators. Four questions were posed in two parts:

  1. What are the determinants of a healthy community? How does the community rate?

  2. What are the major issues that are impacting negatively on you as a community member? What can be done to improve life in SRFN?


Serpent River First Nation

The residents of Serpent River First Nation are of the Ojibway Nation and have, traditionally always inhabited the area. Many community members continue to use the language and pursue traditional ways. The total population as of August, 2009 is 1,234 band members of which 371 live on reserve and 863 off-reserve. The large number of band members living off-reserve is due to the number of reinstated registered members under the Bill C-31 process of 1985. There are 160 households in the community.


Want to know more?

Click the link below for the history of Serpent River First Nation dating back to 900AD! 

History of Serpent River First Nation