Sheena Pine

Sheena Pine

Gas Bar Supervisor

Sheena was born and raised in Toronto until the age of four, and moved back to Serpent River First Nation when her parents decided they needed more support. Sheena has lived in SRFN ever since. Sheena attended ELSS and W.C. Eaket Secondary until the birth of her first child. From there, Sheena volunteered within many departments, such as recreation and powwow to keep busy while staying home to raise her first two children. Sheena has since worked odd contracts within SRFN, from being a Community Health Nurse Assistant, to a home maker with Geka Wigwam to project coordinator for a construction company. 

Sheena started at the Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corporation as a night shift clerk at the gas bar in 2013, and worked up to senior sales clerk, and now to the position of Gas Bar Supervisor. Sheena works closely with the ROM with respect to ordering inventory for the gas bar, setting prices, working with vendors to anticipate trends and ensuring the clerks are giving great customer service. 

Sheena looks forward to seeing the gas bar continue to expand and evolve within EDC and to continue to provide for our community for years to come.


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