Congratulations to Our Winners!

We thank everyone who came out to our session on December 5th at the Band Hall. We were able to have a great discussion with those who came and we are very happy with the support we received with the outstanding turnout!

Congratulations to our winners of the prizes!

All information from the Engagement Session will be available for you to see once we have prepared it. Please stay tuned!

Fall Art, Craft & Bake Sale

On Saturday, November 17, the Serpent River Trading Post hosted its semi-annual Art, Craft and Bake sale in the Trading Post gift shop and Art Gallery. We had over 20 different vendors selling items ranging from furs, hides, moccasins, Christmas décor, pies, paintings and much, much more! Our Trading Post staff were able to purchase items from our local artists and crafters who showed up and these items are now available in our store. We thank all who came out to support these local artists and crafters and we hope the same success for our Spring Art, Craft & Bake sale in April!