July 2016 - EDC Project Updates

July 2016

The following is an update from the Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corporation:


The EDC has assisted a couple of individuals with their small business over the last few months. Mr. Jim Fraser is now operating his Hot Dog Vending at the Trading Post and is open for business on a daily basis. To date he is doing well with sales and we invite you to visit his cart for a little lunch.

A young entrepreneur is now operating out of the Trading Post and is selling beverages for visitors coming in during the weekend. Her business is during the weekend for the summer months, as she will be returning to school in September.

Our economy is important and many of our members have expressed the need for small business outreach services. The SRFNEDC Board of Directors along with the General Manager have directed staff to focus a portion of our time on small business development and outreach.

The SRFNEDC hosted a small business workshop on July 7 with Kevin Rose, BA, BEd, PAED, EcD. Kevin Rose is a successful Indigenous entrepreneur who owns his own successful businesses consulting firm, Northern Approach and the largest marine facility on the North Channel of Manitoulin Island, Harbor Vue Marina. Kevin focused on the importance of having a good business plan to move ideas towards asking for various loans and grants. This was a successful first workshop with eight individuals attending! Participants learned tips and ideas about small business development and expressed the need for a more detailed hands on “how to” finance workshop. Kevin is gearing up for a return visit to help participants forecast finances and balance out their finance portions of business plans. The EDC will soon have a computer for anyone wanting to research small business ideas, express interest for various posted community bid requests or to work on small business plans etc. Keep an eye out for other workshops, which will include funders & lenders information, small business tax question/answers, as well as workshops highlighting successful band member business owners who will share what they have learned to become successful!


The Art Gallery is beginning to make contacts with the art world and Mr. Alex Day is meeting with potential art dealers who wish to purchase Aboriginal artwork. Some of the future activities planned for the coming months are an exhibit for local artists and artisans to come and show off their work and will be planned for the end of July and August. If it is successful then it will be held once a month. An Art Show is in the planning for the September long weekend and more information will be sent out to the community as the event approaches.


Chief & Council awarded the Broadband contract to EastLink. Final details on the contract and budget is being completed and work should begin early August.


the Council approved The Community Comprehensive Plan and planning will be done by staff on the best approaches to meeting the needs of the community. The main focus will be on attracting business to the First Nation with a direct link to job creation. Capacity building for community members is another priority, which the EDC will be working on throughout the coming months.


An accord among the three local First Nations to deal with potential economic development projects in the Traditional Territory is being discussed among the leadership. The most recent joint meeting of the three area First Nations was held on April 20th with the next one planned for September. The three Councils want to ensure that a unified message can be provided to developers so that respect for the Land and People is maintained and should a project eventually be green-lighted to proceed then the appropriate level of local benefits to the First Nations can be achieved.


Nahanni is joining the EDC on a Training Program being funded through Naadmaadwiiuk ASETS program and Niigaaniin Program with the EDC topping off her salary. Nahanni will be learning the inner workings of an office environment and working closely with the Executive Assistant Angela Trudeau.